San Diego Burger week

I love that we live in a city with fun food events like burger week! City Beat sponsored this event and hooked up with several restaurants to offer burger deals from March 3-12.

Places all over the city offered $5 burgers and $10 combos that included a beer and fries!

The first place we hit up was the San Diego Brewing Co. They offered a house burger, fries and a house brew. The burger and beer battered fries were both great and I had a Nut Brown beer that was a great compliment to my meal. My partner in crime had a Blueberry beer, which was great, but not meal complimentary.

The second place we tried was McGregors Bar. Here we had their house burger and fries with a Coronado Orange beer and a Coors Light.

Between the 2:
San Diego Brewing Co. had the better burger.
McGregors has better fries.

Both places have good beer!

This was a great excuse to get out for a cheap meal and try new places! Can’t wait till the next one!









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