Brew and chew!

I thought it would be fun to write a blog about 3 of my favorite places to grab a coffee and something sweet! I know that you’ll enjoy these places as much as I do!

#1 Holsem Coffee
This trendy coffee house is nestled in the heart of the North Park community and has cold brew on tap! I came in on a day where they were serving banana bread cold brew, say what?!  Let me just tell you it smelled and tasted exactly like banana bread and I quickly wished I had a big gulp size cup of it! I paired it with an espresso muffin that was full of coffee flavor and moist with this sugary crust, yummm! They have space inside and a cute little patio with succulent decor outside to enjoy your tasty treats.


#2 Nutmeg Bakery and Cafe
This breakfast and lunch spot sits in the quaint neighborhood of Sabre Springs. They pride themselves on serving organic items while keeping in mind those who are gluten free. My top picks here include the Iced Salted Carmel Latte which was delicious but not overly sweet paired with a blondie brownie. The brownie was buttery and full of butterscotch flavors in this soft and perfect square. The cafe offers free WiFi with comfortable indoor and outdoor seating.


#3 85c Bakery and Cafe
This Taiwanese cafe isn’t just a bakery, it’s an experience! You walk in the door to the hustle and bustle of staff restocking items and yelling “fresh bread,” while customers are filling trays with little pieces of heaven, surveying all the goods and ordering unique drinks. My favorite pairing here is a Caramel Sea Salt Coffee – an amazing iced coffee that has a sea salt foam. Trust me, once you go sea salt, you never go back! One of the best pastries to enjoy with a delicious coffee is their Milk Pudding. A soft and sweet bread filled with a vanilla custard. If you’ve had one, you’ll want another! They have locations throughout the San Diego area.


Thanks for joining my Brew and Chew Tour! ☕️🍩

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