Cleanse or Bust?!

For as much as I drink green juice and the like, I’ve never done a cleanse. So after all the brunching I’ve been doing lately, I was ready to take on this one day cleanse challenge.

Here’s the Nékter 1 day Classic Cleanse line up:
1. Greens
2. Tumeric lemonade
3. Greens
4. Charcoal lemonade
5. Greens
6. Cashew milk protein drink

If you’re like me and wondering if the green juices were all the same, the answer is no. Each of the three had a slight ingredient variation.

I was instructed to eat fruits, vegetables, lean meats and drink a lot of water the day before I started the cleanse. Given my schedule, I was able to do one day of preparation.

So here’s what the Prep Cleanse day looked like:
3 bottles of water
Solti Pure Green juice
Shakeology shake (banana, almond milk, almonds, ice, flax)
1/4 pear
Small bunch of grapes
Solti Unfiltered Apple cider
Jamba Juice Wheatgrass shot
Jamba Juice Ginger shot
Few sips of a Jamba Juice smoothie
[I think I got a bit overzealous in the liquids department in anticipation of cleansing and neglected to eat, so I made up for it at the end of the day.]
Chicken burger
3 scrambled eggs

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The moral of that part of the story is that I should have eaten more food throughout the day…oops. Learn from my mistakes so that your prep cleanse is a smoother process.


Official Cleanse Day

#1 green juice~ easy peasy; hungry after green juice
#2 tumeric lemonade~ good, but tart; hunger subsided
#3 green juice again~ hungry, ate some cashews; slow going on the juice
#4 charcoal lemonade~ loved the flavor; easy peasy
#5 green juice~ went down pretty easy; tired of drinking, but light at the end of the tunnel; few raw almonds
#6 cashew milk~ delicious and satisfying; the saving grace at the end of the day


So what did I notice? Because the purpose of the cleanse is meant to flush and detox the system, it did just that. The day after I finished I felt more energetic and refreshed.

With as many #tacotuesdays, #thirstythursdays and #sundayfundays as a food blogger tends to indulge in, juice cleanses are a great option for a system reboot.

At Nékter, you can pick a classic or advanced juice cleanse and then decide how many days you want to torture, I mean nourish, yourself.

Whether you’re cleansing from #brunchingsohard like me, maintaining or kickstarting a new health regimen, or just to challenge yourself, Nékter’s cleanse is just what you need. If you’re planning to cleanse or have cleansed, leave a comment, I’d love to hear your story and/or any tips and suggestions you can share for my next cleanse.


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