Top 3 favorite sushi rolls in San Diego

Developing your palate, I think in part, stems from a very young age. Were you exposed to and offered a variety of foods as a kid, or were you continually given your favorite Kraft mac’n’cheese? (You’re welcome for that free plug Kraft, lol!)

Only in my adult years did I become a bit more adventurous in my eating habits. As my mom would proclaim, even in college there was a list of about 10 meals I would consistently eat. It wasn’t until I dated a guy who loved sushi that I even remotely thought about trying raw fish. I really don’t care for fish at all, with the exception of some seafood, so why would I like sushi?

Ok here goes, one bite into a California roll. Hey look, I’m still alive and the victory is mine! For me, this was an awesome success minus the fact that my boyfriend, at the time, didn’t bother to mention that you can’t really bite a piece of sushi in half…lesson learned.

So as the years have passed, I have developed a deep love for sushi. And now I’ve turned into that rare gem of a person who can eat raw fish, but if that same fish is cooked, I won’t touch it with a ten foot pole. (A fishing pole as my roommate sarcastically commented!) Yep, a true gem.

Now that you have the framework and history for my sushi loving palate, allow me to divulge my top three favorite sushi rolls in San Diego.

Sushi Deli 1 in Mission Hills has always been a lead contender for me in the sushi department. They have a huge variety of rolls, but the tried and true roll here has always been the San Diego roll. This incredible fried roll has shrimp mix and cream cheese inside, and is topped with spicy tuna, crab surimi, drizzles of spicy mayo, spicy sauce, sweet sauce, and crunchies.

San Diego roll – Sushi Deli 1

Ototo Sushi Co. in Clairemont became a strong contender in my sushi book about two years ago with their signature Ototo roll. This protein roll has tuna, yellowtail, salmon, avocado, and crab inside. The ototo roll has no rice and is wrapped in cucumber and soy paper and is served with ponzu and daikon. Hands down, it’s one of the prettiest rolls I’ve ever had as well.

Ototo roll – Ototo Sushi Co.

Sushi on the Rock in La Jolla, has the most amazing view overlooking the cove. I was just here for the first time, and immediately fell in love with the Sweet Lew roll. Inside this magnificent roll is eel, krab, avocado, and cream cheese. Then it’s crusted with shredded coconut and tempura fried with sweet eel sauce.

Sweet Lew roll – Sushi on the Rock

So…are you hungry now? Have you eaten any of my favorites? What are your favorites? Leave me a comment below, I love finding new good eats.

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