Calling All Calamari Lovers!

At times I can be a very selective eater. I fall under the category of mind over matter, meaning I tend to choose not to eat things like lamb, duck, veal, squid, octopus, etc. because of what they are versus what they taste like. I don’t claim to be much of an adventurous eater. That being said, lately I’ve been exposed to many dishes outside my norm because chefs will occasionally send out their house specials or complimentary dishes.

In the last week alone, I’ve been sent calamari three times. A dish I don’t generally choose to eat and wouldn’t order, however given that I’m a food blogger now, I try to push myself to try things I normally wouldn’t.

Now that I’ve tried these three dishes, I would probably order them!

1. George’s at the Cove, Ocean Terrace | Chili Calamari with fresh herbs, Fresno chiles, and sweet chili sauce

2. Duke’s La Jolla | Calamari crusted in Mac Nut Panko and served with Guava Mustard Remoulade


3. Meritage Restaurant at Callaway Winery | Tempura Style Calamari and Green Beans with Smoked Paprika Aioli


These Calamari dishes are all pretty unique and certainly different than most I’ve seen over the years. The plating and presentation of each dish was so vibrant and appealing. They all swayed me to be much more open minded about calamari in the future.

Are you a calamari fan? What do you think about these dishes? Leave a comment and let me know!

♥️ #sandiegofoodgirl

3 thoughts on “Calling All Calamari Lovers!”

  1. i don’t normally order it either but have had a few great ones in the past (can’t remember where at the moment). the first two spots look like a style i’d be interested in (the crust on the second looks so yummy).


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