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Beat the Heat with These Cool Treats

It’s been pretty hot recently, and one great way to cool down is with some cool treats. From ice cream, to italian ice, and liquid nitrogen creations, say hello to your summertime cool treats bucketlist! Take your date, your squad, or family and have a great time beating the heat!


This new Liquid Nitrogen ice cream shop located in the Convoy District is freezing small batch magical flavor combinations just for you.

Dolce Italian Ice

Italian Ice and Frozen custard treats await your palette at this shop on Mission Blvd. in Pacific Beach.



Creamistry Carmel Valley

An ice cream lover’s heaven awaits your creativity at Creamistry. Using Liquid Nitrogen, the staff will freeze your favorite combination while accommodating dietary restrictions and food allergies.



Bobboi Natural Gelato

This Italian run gelato shop proudly serves all natural gelato in delicious flavors with an incredible view of La Jolla.



Crack Shack

While most people go to The Crack Shack for some delicious fried chicken, they’re also serving up some delicious soft serve with toppings like bacon and brownies.

Boba Bar

Tucked into the Convoy district, Boba Bar is serving up cool treats, like this frozen custard enveloped by a warm and tasty egg waffle, known as the Puffle.



I’d love to hear about your sweet treat adventures! Leave a comment and let me know what flavor combinations you put together to beat the heat! And most importantly, stay cool! πŸ™‚

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