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Liberty Public Market: Take Two!

A couple years ago I wrote a story about Liberty Public Market and now that I’ve spent more time there, I felt like it was time for an updated blog about this cool place.

If you’re in San Diego and live under a rock, there’s an AWESOME indoor market in Liberty Station off Rosecrans called Liberty Public Market. Inside are over thirty food vendors offering everything from tacos to cannoli, lobster rolls to sausages, pizza to burgers, and so much more.

Liberty Public Market

If you’re around picky or indecisive people whether it be significant others, friends, or family, Liberty Public Market is the place where you can make everyone happy, think Disneyland happy haha! You can split up in several directions to order your food and then come together to sit inside or on the great outdoor patio (which is also dog-friendly). Now, onto some of my favorites.

Roma Express is headed up by a Sicilian husband and wife team who hand roll each and every Arancini Ball they serve. These delicious rice balls are fried to perfection in flavors like Three Cheese, Chicken Pesto, and Bolognese and served with sauces such as marinara, pesto, and Alfredo. You can’t stop there though because you have to try their Italian sodas made with Original New York Seltzer; I recommend trying the Strawberries’n’Cream soda. Oh Holy Cannoli, don’t forget dessert! Not only do they have a great selection of cannoli flavors, but they also have frozen cannoli pops!

Crackheads is a new vendor to the market and I’m already head over heels for it. When I tell you that this is the best breakfast sandwich I’ve had in a long time, I’m not eggs-aggerating! Say hello to the “Softy” which has bacon, cheddar cheese, soft scrambled egg, avocado (an add-on), chives, and crack sauce on a buttery bun. Aside from delicious egg sandwiches, they have a build your own cereal bar and Pop-Tart ice cream sandwiches!

Olala Crepes will captivate your attention quickly while they make your perfectly cooked crepes to order. Personally, I appreciate balance in life, so of course, I had to order a sweet and savory crepe. The savory Je Suis President is filled with bacon, brie, mozzarella, spinach, and tomatoes. The sweet A La Folie is filled with three of my favorite things: NUTELLA, Nutella, and Nutella! Just kidding, it has bananas and strawberries too! Mmmmmmm! And good news for those with a gluten restriction, they have gluten-free buckwheat crepes on their menu so that you can enjoy these delicious crepes too!

Wicked Maine Lobster has more than just rolls. These mouth-watering lobster dishes have great flavor and generous amounts of lobster. Step up your Taco Tuesday game with some lobster tacos this week. Or how about a decadent and indulging bread bowl full of white cheddar mac’n’cheese with lobster. But whatever you do, don’t underestimate the traditional lobster roll and delicious fries! If you’re craving lobster, this is where you need to be.

Paraná Empanadas Argentinas is your go-to spot for some authentic Argentinian empanadas. You can order the traditional flavors like Beef and Chicken in addition to a unique variety including Spinach, Margherita, Rajas, and more. When the empanadas all look the same on the outside, you may wonder how you’ll remember which is which when you sit down to eat them…well, wonder no more because they brand the crust with initials indicating what’s inside. It’s not just about the empanada here, they also have some killer sauces to go along with them. My personal favorite is the Beef empanada which is packed with filling and I like to pair it with their Chimichurri sauce. Dessert is a must try here with their Alfajores cookies. A melt in your mouth cookie with a Dulce de Leche filling. (P.S. I’d buy more than one cookie and have it with your morning coffee; trust me, you’ll thank me!)

Mastiff Sausage Company …where it’s time to wake up and smell the sausage! Where else can you buy something called Pig Fries?! These sausages are made in-house daily in flavors like Chicken Coconut Curry and Smoked Apple and Sage. Mastiff isn’t just a place for a great sausage sandwich, you can get a delicious Scotch Egg, Sausage Tacos, Pig Fries with sausage, and more. Grab a beer and you’ll have the perfect meal!

Crafted Baked Goods has everything from your morning coffee cake, to Bavarian pretzels, and even wedding cakes. They also supply desserts for many of your favorite local restaurants. If you’re anything like me, you find yourself drooling as you walk past a pastry case, and these treats are worth stopping for. I definitely need to try the coffee cake with house-made Nutella and cream cheese, but during my recent visit, I had a few other goodies like a Parmesan Bavarian Pretzel, Brown Butter Cake, and a big slice of Birthday cake. My sweet tooth has been satisfied…until next time!

Stuffed is 1000% where you come to get STUFFED! Cheese-stuffed burgers, loaded mac’n’cheese tots, and fried Oreos are just a few things on their incredible menu. They have a bright and nostalgic comic book theme in their decor and some awesome burger names like POW, WHAM, SLAM, BANG, and BOOM. I promise you’ll leave happily stuffed!

Roast is your one-stop shop for carved meats, sandwiches, and more. You may find yourself staring in awe as they carve you a juicy piece of Porchetta with a crispy skin or pile meatballs into a hoagie bun and then add some salsa verde flair. You can even pick up an entire boxed dinner for the family. Whatever you try, it’ll be delicious!

Now that you’re salivating, what will you run to try first? I really love the variety of food and cuisines here. And shockingly enough, there are still more vendors that I haven’t even tried yet, so rest assured, I’m always doing more food research to bring you the best of the best! Until next time, stay hungry!

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