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5 Quick Reasons Why You Should Try This Meal Prep Service in San Diego

Imagine experiencing a week free of grocery shopping, menu planning, and worrying about what to make for dinner. By the second day, I found myself saying “I could really get used to this!” Curious? Let me tell you 5 quick reasons why you should try Meal Prep Sunday San Diego and bonus, I have a discount code for you!

Meal Prep Sunday San Diego

It’s also important to note that I came into this week with two main questions: will I feel sustained by these meals and will these meals fit into my health regimen? I was fully committed to eating my breakfast, lunch, and dinner every day for five days without deviation except for one previously scheduled dinner out on Thursday.

Meal Prep Sunday San Diego

1. Free Delivery

Play harder and smarter when you sign up for this San Diego meal prep company. Each Saturday the meals are all made fresh with free delivery to your door on Sunday for the upcoming week. They’ll arrive in a high-quality cooler bag with an ice pack to keep your delivery cold. 

2. Easy to Follow

Each meal is marked for a specific day and designated for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. We’ve all heard that breakfast is the most important meal of the day which explains why the breakfast meals have the most calories (in the 500 range) and protein (between 45-68g). With a quick reheat, you’ll have the fuel you need to start the day.

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3. Cuts Down on Grazing and Snacking

Typically I eat a light breakfast on the go but, what I immediately liked about the breakfast meals was the sustaining energy I had that lasted me until lunchtime.  My breakfasts saved me from the mid-morning grazing that usually happens and the mindless snacking from boredom.

4. Healthy and Hearty Meals

The lunch and dinner options were all between 300-500 calories with more protein than carbs in each meal. They were fairly similar to each other with a variety of vegetables and grain/starchy sides. If you’ve read my previous blogs, you know how much I love my veggies! So while my lunch version of chicken parmigiana was paired with linguine, the dinner version would be paired with potatoes. I didn’t mind this at all because it still felt like a different meal altogether. These meals easily fit into my personal caloric intake for each day and left room to spare…for my coffee addiction, haha.

5. Well-balanced and Delicious Meals

Each meal left me feeling sufficiently full with no desire to snack in between. I ate meals that I wouldn’t have normally chosen for myself and was pleasantly surprised by how delicious they were. Also, several of the meals even came with a small side of fruit or a low sugar pudding (this week it was a strawberry pudding) that was light and fluffy for that few bites of something sweet that was just enough to balance the meal.

This was my first experience trying a meal prep company and I have to say, it honestly pained me to go grocery shopping the week after my meals were gone. Getting meals from Meal Prep Sunday San Diego saved me soo much time not having to drive to and from the store, wandering around grabbing random things, only to get home and realize I don’t really have any solid meals.

I had peace of mind knowing that my meals were ready and waiting for me. Also, it kept my eating habits in check and I didn’t have to track what I was eating to figure out if I was within my nutritional goals because all of that information was provided for me.

If trying out a meal prep service in San Diego is something that you’ve been thinking about, this is the perfect opportunity. For you, my awesome readers, save 20% off your order with code sandiegofoodgirl20. Give yourself more time to enjoy life this week, and less time worrying about that never-ending to-do list. I’d love to hear from you if you try out this San Diego meal prep company; comment below and share your experience with me.

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