Pour Some Rosé on Me!

Pour some ROSÉ on me, because I can’t get enough! It’s still warm in San Diego and I’ll be drinking this blush beauty no matter what season it is! Disclaimer: I am not a Sommelier, however, I am a HUGE fan of rosé. The honest truth is, I’ve been drinking a lot more of it than ever before. Why? Well, let’s start from the beginning.

Generally speaking, when people start drinking wine (for those non-wine drinkers out there, stay a while, I plan to convert you!), they start with sweet wines like Moscato. That was me ten years ago. Over time, and with much wine tasting, your palate evolves and becomes more sophisticated. About three years ago, I was elated to discover that I was FINALLY a chardonnay girl, deeming this the dryest wine I could tolerate and enjoy! And then about a year, year and a half ago, I stopped wanting red wine almost entirely. Shocking and terrible, I know.

So by now, you can use reasonable deduction to assume that I drink dry white wine and rosé 99.8% of the time that I’m drinking wine. Which leads me to the reasons for this story, I want to share with all of you some of the delicious rosés I’ve been sipping on all summer!

Bollicini Sparkling Wine

Canned wine is all the rage these days, and I first learned about this little gem during my recent staycation over the Fourth of July. The can first caught my eye because it’s pink and has polka dots! This cutie is a sparkling rosé imported from Italy. To me, the bubbles make this wine very refreshing, and this one more than others has a stronger berry taste than some of the others I’ll describe. Their sparkling cuvée is great too! By the way, that cool mural is by an artist named Monty and it’s in North Park.

La Ferme Julien

This is my favorite rosé from Trader Joes and I fondly refer to this bottle as Goat Rosé! What I love most about this bottle is that it’s reliably delicious at the very low price of $5.99 per bottle. This bottle tends to dissapear quickly because it’s light and not too sweet. My favorite pairing for this is a block of Manchego cheese, also from Trader Joes, because if you aren’t in the know, they have the BEST selection of cheese for your snacking and charcuterie board needs. (Sidenote, I love cheese and charcuterie boards!) The goat on the label makes this easily recognizable and pretty adorable too if you ask me!

Martini & Rossi

Quick and easy frosé on the go, YES, please! Throw these pouches in the freezer for 3-4 hours (less if you like it a little bit liquidy) and you’ll have a perfectly chilled and frozen rosé. Impress your guests with some fancy frosé at your next party, or pack them in a cooler and take them to the beach with you. This frosé is light and refreshing while being fruit-forward with hints of peach. And the packaging is definitely #PrettyInPink!

Callaway Winery

I fell in love with Callaway Winery years ago and I visit often. I’ve previously mentioned their Chardonnay and Calamari on blogs in the past, but let me tell you about their Rosé Soleil. This dry rosé has a sweet smell of berries on the nose. It’s an easy rosé to drink and makes you feel all warm and fuzzy inside at first sip. What I love most about this label is the rose gold embossing, it just makes me feel extra fancy! By the way, don’t miss out on their upcoming Grape Stomp on October 5th.


The side of their can says “Made by Chicks,” because this women-owned business was ready to disrupt a male-dominated space. This California rosé is a bit on the dryer side with a fun pop of fizz. Bev has zero grams of sugar, which is also awesome! This fun brand is making a name for itself in San Diego and beyond, so keep an eye out for it!

Conundrum Wines

I very first heard about the Conundrum brand from my good friend and fellow wine girl. I was super excited to try it for myself when I recently saw it on a wine list, so I included it in my flight. I’m a sucker for the gorgeous label on this bottle with its blush pink and gold hues. For ease, I love its screw-top cap. This rosé is light, crisp, and pleasant!

Social Sparkling

For a little play on words, I’m also including the Strawberry Rose in this story because although it isn’t rosé, it’s wayy too delicious not to be included! If you’re looking to be more health-conscious while enjoying an adult beverage, Social is the drink for you. Their sparkling wines are organic, gluten and sulfite-free, under 100 calories, and very low in sugar and carbs. What I love most about this flavor specifically is that, while I’m not into ingesting floral flavored food and drinks, it doesn’t have an overwhelming floral note. It smells and tastes like strawberry shortcake (but not overly sweet at all), and every sip makes me want more. It’s also the perfect poolside mate! This brand has several flavors and I’m loving them all, especially the Pumpkin Chai and Hibiscus Cucumber!

Rosé definitely has a piece of my heart! It’s really grown in popularity and accessibility over the last couple of years. Food for thought…not all rosés are created equal, some are dry or sweet, sparkling or flat, so try a bunch, and find the one that makes your heart sing! Have a favorite that I should try? Let me know!

Until next time, happy wine tasting!

2 thoughts on “Pour Some Rosé on Me!”

  1. I really love the Conundrum Rosè. To be honest anything by the Wagner family is amazing.

    Here are a few of my favorites if you want to try them.

    Syndrome from The Prisoner Wine Company

    Chateau Puech-Haut Prestige Rose

    Whispering Angel

    De Mont
    Coteaux Varois en Provence Rosé


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