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Here’s Why I’m Crushing On Luna Grill

I think it’s safe to say that I’ve been crushing hard on Luna Grill lately! My last blog was about My Top 5 Favorites at Luna Grill, and this time we’re talking about why I love the brand behind the amazing food! They have such healthy food options so I never feel guilty about ordering from there often! I’m excited to share some new Luna Grill perks with you, so keep reading and drop a comment letting me know what you’ll be trying out soon!

Some things that I have come to love the most since the start of the pandemic are the companies who have stepped up to make things easier and more accessible. Maybe you switched to an online presence over a brick-and-mortar store, added a delivery option, or developed an app to make ordering ahead for curbside/takeout a breeze! These are all BIG wins!

Speaking of apps, Luna Grill recently relaunched their Club Luna app! There are so many benefits that come with using the app, that I will explain below!

Source: Luna Grill

One of the best things about Luna Grill is that they are inclusive and considerate of all dietary restrictions, choices, and allergies. I know that if my friends and I are hungry, that we all have safe choices and options to eat together at Luna Grill! The Santorini Bowls are perfect and fully customizable, shown here are the Santorini Chicken Bowl and the Santorini Veggie Bowl with Falafel! 

I love that when I’ve had a long day at work and I don’t want to make dinner, I can quickly and easily order Luna Grill for pickup right from the app! Easy peasy (lemon squeezie as some of you may say)! My food is ready to go when I arrive and then it’s time to venture out to the park or beach for a tasty picnic!

So what menu items did we order for this picnic? Harissa hummus with carrots and pita bread (because I’m incapable of not ordering my new favorite hummus!), the Santorini Chicken Bowl, a Beyond Burger (not shown), and a couple of their NEW cooooookies! Cue Cookie Monster: nom, nom, nom, nom, nom! 

Luna Grill

Pardon me while I now write an entire paragraph gushing about a cookie…cue the stomach growling in 3, 2, 1! Sweet Street Manifesto cookies are to die for! I knew right away that I’d like the salted caramel before I even opened it because it felt soft and chewy, and it’s sugar-crusted! Because let’s be honest, every cookie’s best friend is more sugar! 😂 But I digress…the first bite of this cookie tasted like sugared butter and gooey caramel and before I knew it, there was a party in my mouth! But wait, there’s more! There are also white chocolate chunks and crunchy pretzel pieces in them too! I mean WooooW!

Luna Grill

All-natural toffee and milky white chocolate chunks, alongside crisp pretzel bites and sea salt. Topped with pretzel salt and golden Demerara sugar for a salty sweet mashup.

I wasn’t prepared for the following words to exit my mouth: “this might just be the BEST cookie I ever ate!” I also love their brand message on the back of their packaging and their signature that reads “stay amazed!” Dear Sweet Street, can I have your permission to sign off that way too?! I love it! 

Luna Grill

Picnics are so fun, but what if you want to just meet a girlfriend for happy hour? You can order ahead right through the app so that when you and your bestie arrive, all that’s left to do is pour the wine and relax! My personal recommendations are the Luna Sampler and a bottle of wine (of course)! 

So what are these Club Luna app perks and rewards that I talked about? I think it’s important to first mention that the app is very user-friendly! When you download the app, you get $5 off your first order, plus they’ll notify you when they have an available offer, and you earn $10 when you reach 100 points! I’m predicting free food in your future! By the way, they also give you a free treat for your birthday!

Whatever you decide to eat at Luna Grill, I know that it’ll be delicious and nutritious and your tummy will thank you! I think I’ve made myself hungry again though, so I’m off to order my faves for takeout!

Until next time, happy eating and drinking!


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