So how do we feel about the new pizza movement?

There are 3 popular places in San Diego that have the same concept. When you walk in the door you get in line to create your own custom pizza (or salad). It’s made on a thin crust and then you can load them up with whatever toppings and cheeses and sauces and garnishes that you like. It goes on a trip through the pizza oven and then your very own pizza creation is presented to you.

It’s great right? For a low cost everyone can order their own pizza and no more fighting over toppings and such.

I love the concept, I truly do, but I don’t really love the tortilla thin crust. And you also have to keep in mind balance. Having a top heavy pizza on a super thin crust makes it difficult to pick up and eat normally without a huge mess.

So what do you think? Here are a couple pictures of my creations below 🍕
#projectpie #pizzarev #pieology #sandiegofoodgirls




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