2019 Holiday Gift Guide

2019 Holiday Gift Guide by San Diego Food Girl

Halloween is officially over which means the holidays are coming. Can you believe it’s that time of year already? I’m soo excited for the second annual edition of the San Diego Food Girl Holiday Gift Guide! (Click to see last year’s guide!) I have soo many amazing gifts in store for you this year! You’ll even see a few discount codes for your shopping fun!


Undercover Quinoa

I first discovered Undercover Quinoa at a local retailer. I opened the bag the same day I bought it and ate the WHOLE bag! {Don’t judge me! LOL} I sent the company a message telling them how amazing they were, and now I’m telling you! If you like chocolate crunch bars, you’ll love this healthier version! These snacks are made with milk or dark chocolate and toasted quinoa! I see your frowns and puzzled looks, but I promise, these are the snack you’ll keep reaching for because it will satisfy your sweet and salty cravings with no guilt! By the way, these snacks are also gluten-free!

Element Shrub

I love mixed cocktails, and especially ones where they aren’t made with sugary syrups! So when I tasted Element Shrub mixers, I was stoked. These shrub mixers are made with Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV) and real ingredients that you can pronounce. I was immediately drawn to the Chai Pear and I can’t help but love the play on elements and how their flavors look like they should be on the periodic table. These are perfect for those cool mixology nerds in your life! The gift set is great for trying a variety of their shrub flavors. As a bonus, they also send out recipe cards to get you started with your mixing adventures. If you don’t drink alcohol, don’t worry, because these also mix in well with some sparkling water!

Dallmann Confections

Raise your hand if you like chocolate!! I know that’s about 99% of you. These scrumptious handmade chocolates from Dallmann Confections are some of the prettiest that I’ve ever seen! This isn’t just a regular box of chocolates; opening up a box of these chocolates is like looking at a piece of art. Their candy is colorful and delicious! My personal favorite is the Peanut Butter and Jelly, but they’re all yummy!

Moët and Chandon

“She keeps a Moët and Chandon in a pretty cabinet, let them eat cake she said, just like Marie Antoinette…”! I love champagne and an extra pretty bottle always makes it seem even more elegant. If you can’t decide like me, I recommend getting both the Moët & Chandon Impérial Brut 150th Anniversary Limited Edition Bottle and Gift Box and the Limited Edition Moët & Chandon Nectar Impérial Rosé. These festive bottles are great for any holiday party or gift exchange. And maybe if you’re lucky, the recipient will even share it with you!

Alfa Alfajores Bakery

These melt-in-your-mouth Argentinian cookies from Alfa Alfajores Bakery are incredibly addicting! Alfajores are sandwich cookies made out of buttery shortbread with a luscious dulce de leche filling. Forget the usual holiday cookies, and try these out this year. The only thing you’ll regret is not ordering enough of them! These are true decadence and definitely great for gift giving!

PARU Tea Bar

I had the pleasure of meeting Amy, the owner of PARU Tea Bar, a while back when she was just starting her tea business. I love seeing a small business grow and flourish! She now offers a monthly subscription box and opened a brick and mortar store! Persistence in business is soo amazing to witness! Have any tea lovers in your life? I bet they’d love a tea box subscription this year!


Blenders Eyewear

This colorful company was started by a young entrepreneur who loves to surf and its headquarters is right here in San Diego, Pacific Beach to be exact. He wanted to create some fun glasses that were trendy but wouldn’t break the bank, and I love those specs! Blenders sunnies are a fun gift to give and they come with a happy reminder that it’s always sunny in San Diego!

Parravi Jewelry

I love me some bling! Parravi Jewelry has this cute little shop in the design district of Solana Beach and now that they’re launching a new website, you can browse their unique boutique pieces from anywhere. I’m obsessed with my new jewelry and they’re the perfect additions to my collection. Everyone needs a great statement ring and an adorable midi ring. And let’s talk about the rose gold bracelet; it’s sweet and dainty and great for layering.

Five Minute Journal

We all have those friends on social media who do 30 days of gratitude in November right (I see you!)?! This Five Minute Journal is an inspirational gift to encourage an inward look at being grateful beyond that one month a year. There is a morning gratitude section with an evening follow up. It’s a great tool to use in the morning to set aside those five minutes and really be intentional about your day.

Sticker Mule

Everyone loves stickers and they’re a great way to personalize something or show support to your favorite food and travel blogger (hint, hint!). I had a hand in the creativity of building my logo, and it was a really cool moment for me to see it come to life in sticker form. The die cut stickers from Sticker Mule are awesome! Want a sticker? I’ll drop one in the mail for you!

The Kind Coalition

If this name sounds familiar, it’s because I joined forces with them earlier this year as a Brand Ambassador. The Kind Coalition is an organization with a mission to spread more kindness. They give 50% of their profits to help fight against bullying. Shop for a great cause and outfit yourself, kids, home, and more! And don’t forget, you’re one of a kind!


Bath & Body Works

Are you or someone you love obsessed with candles, like me? Bath & Body Works candles have always been a favorite and I try to stock up when they do big sales! My number one love has always been their Stress Relief Eucalyptus & Spearmint candle. It surrounds my space with calm and peace when I burn it.


I’d love to say that I’m boujee enough to have already known the Baccarat brand, but sadly, I’m not, lol! While out to dinner, I ordered the special one hundred dollar margarita that came served in this gorgeous crystal Baccarat glass. These are the perfect accessory for any bar or bar cart fanatic! 

Apple TV

Admittedly it took me a LONG time to get on board with Apple products. It started with an iPad, then an iPhone, a Mac, and the final plunge was an Apple TV. Being able to share whatever is on my device to the TV is truly magical and it makes my life soo much easier. If you’ve been on the fence about switching over or upgrading, it’s definitely worth it!


Simplily Co. 

Since becoming a travel blogger this year as well, it was time to upgrade my travel gear. I had gotten a new roller bag and I really wanted a carry-on that had the trolley sleeve on the back, so that it slides over the roller bag handle and I don’t have to carry it. I came across Simplily Co. and immediately fell in love. Their bags are stylish, sleek, and exceptionally functional. I have most of their line for women now and my top three favorites are the small weekender bag, insulated backpack, and backpack with a clutch. They also just launched a line for men, so now all of you can level up your travel game!

Amazon Basics

I’ve done a lot of overnight travel this year and my old school over the shoulder duffel bags just weren’t cutting it anymore. After some browsing, I found this Amazon Basics suitcase and I adore it. This carry-on on size roller bag glides easily, has multiple compartments, and a TSA approved lock. Amazon Basics got this one right for sure!


Colore Science

I received a Colore Science SPF powder at an event that I went to over the summer. I had seen this product before and was always curious about it. This SPF powder is perfect to have on hand and on the go, especially if you’re in a sunny climate. I’m not particularly a fan of SPF lotions, so this is a great alternative and it’s super lightweight.


If you know me, you know that I don’t like to be hot. I grabbed this Evian spray at a register check out and quickly remembered how much I LOVE this product! Not only will it cool you down on hot days, but you can also use it to set your makeup. The travel size is perfect to keep in your purse or throw it in your gym bag for a refresh after a workout.

Trader Joes

I may or may not have been labeled the “Lysol® queen” in college, so I like to keep the germs away! Those closest to me know that I never leave home without my hand wipes, and a hand sanitizer is equally as important. What I don’t like about most of them is the gooey feel of a gel sanitizer or the alcohol smell of a spray. Which is why I am obsessed with this citrus spray from Trader Joe’s. I take it on the go with me and keep one in my car. Perfect for those germaphobes out there like me!

So… what do you think about my variety of colorful manicures this year? He he he! Anyway, I hope you loved this; these gift guides are soo fun for me to put together.

2019 has been such a big year for San Diego Food Girl as I officially became a food and travel blogger! The possibilities are truly endless. Cheers to another fruitful year!

Until next time, happy shopping, eating, and traveling!


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